My goal is to walk through unknown doors to new places. By new places I mean old warehouse, breakfast cereal factories, lumber yards, and industrial crayon facilities. I then like to draw what I see and show it here.


8 responses to “About

  1. Mark! Call me! You are amazing. Let’s have a drink.
    213 220-4746

  2. Hey Mark!

    I love, love, LOVE the artwork you did for our Trek in the Park show. I was wondering if I could get your full name so we can credit you appropriately on our website?


    • Hi Adam, very glad you like the artwork. My full name is Mark Selander.
      Your show is seriously the best. I will be down again this summer for sure and I’m certain I’ll do another drawing. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hello Mark,
    I am Yasir Elsadigm an engineer and website designer. I am totally fascinated by the simplicity lines and colors you do. How can I use your drawings in some of my designs? Hope you give me the honor.

  4. Yasir Elsadig 🙂

  5. Hello Mark,
    Do you sell your artwork by any chance? Either prints or digital files? I stumbled across your blog while looking for pictures for trucks for my son’s room. I really like yours, and I’d love to have them on the walls. Please email me if this is possible. lisadavey verizon net. Thanks.

  6. Hola Mark,

    Mi nombre es Marcos Durán, ingeniero mecánico y me encantan las maquinas. Te felicito por tu trabajo, es facinante ver tus ilustraciones de maquinas y momentos, no he visto nada mejor al respecto en mi vida. Bien debes saber que eres un genio. Me encantó tanto tu trabajo, que me he motivado a aprender a hacer lo que haces.
    Eres un genio!
    Un afectuoso saludo desde Santiago de Chile.

    Marcos Durán.

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